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  • Basic Dressing Set
  • Basic Dressing Set
Basic Dressing SetBasic Dressing Set

Basic Dressing Set

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Set Contents


1pc  Tray
1pc  Wrapping field
2pc  Gauze swabs(5cm×5cm-8ply)
3pc  Gauze balls (ø2cm each)
2pc  Forceps
1pc  Yellow limpet bag


1pc  Gallipot tray
1pc  Tie wrap
1pc  Sterile field (40×45cm)
4pc  Forceps
4pc  Cotton balls (0.6g each)
5pc  Non-woven dressings (7.5cm×7.5cm)
1pc  Yellow limpet bag


1pc  Tray
6pc  Cotton balls(0.5 gm each)
5pc  Gauze swabs (7.5cm×7.5cm-8ply)
2pc  Dissecting forceps
1pc  Hand towel
1pc  Waterproof drape
1pc  Yellow limpet bag
1pc  Outer wrap (blue) - sterile field

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